Above the (Big Orange) Clouds

By: Clark Swanson

It came finally—my Southwest Companion Pass. This hard-earned jewel entitles a selected companion of my choice to fly free whenever and wherever I fly for the next year. For our clients, this means they will have the rare opportunity of seeing both Sandy and me, since we can literally travel for the cost of one. For me, it is a big deal. I spend far too much time away from my wife and business partner (Sandy), and the Companion Pass means we can spend a bit more time together.

I earned the Companion Pass by amassing 110,000 frequent flyer (Rapid Rewards) points on Southwest over the past nine months. That translates into roughly 100 flights—no small feat. I would like to thank the Southwest flight attendants for the kindness extended to me, from free drink coupons to the ever-present smile. Thank you. I can’t think of anybody, other than Sandy, I would rather fly with.

The Southwest Rapid Rewards Dashboard deserves much of the credit for my Companion Pass. This handy tool, located on the Southwest website, kept me apprised of my progression toward my goal on a minute-to-minute basis. It estimates the value of one flight compared to another, allowing me to maximize the points earned for each dollar spent. No matter the time of day, or my location, the Rapid Rewards Dashboard kept me on the pathway toward my 110,000 goal.

OrangeBoy dashboards do the exact same thing. They keep our clients squarely on the path toward their goals—working much like an instrument panel on an airplane, serving to inform the pilot of flight conditions and the functions of the aircraft. OrangeBoy dashboards display gauges that indicate real-time activity. Clients have the ability to gauge progress toward their goals on a minute-by-minute basis, 24-hours a day, regardless of their location. It falls from the orange cloud.

Sandy and I both came from industries that measured success or failure with a very narrow band of numbers. It was very much like the Olympics—we had to stick those numbers, without a bobble or wobble.

It’s no different today. Our bank, Huntington, measures OrangeBoy’s creditworthiness using the debt payment ratio. Proudly, we passed another year, which allows us to keep our lines of credit. We also track our time, sales, profitability, and body weight. (The OrangeBoy team lost a total of eight pounds last week.)

We track these things because they measure our success as a company (with the exception of body weight, which is a measure of employees’ personal health success). It’s the same for our clients. The metrics we track on our cloud servers help them understand the performance of their business. Each number represents a different aspect of their business, and taken as a whole, their dashboard provides them the ability to navigate toward their goals—all from our big orange cloud.

©OrangeBoy, Inc. 2012


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