The Ultimate Mash-up

By: Sandy Swanson

On the flight home this morning, I found something interesting in Spirit magazine that combines two interests of mine—racing and color. In Dallas, Texas there is a 5K race called the Color Run (see photo), where runners and walkers begin the race wearing white, and at each mile marker receive a dusting of color bursts.

I have heard about races involving mud (Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, etc.), and frankly, sloshing through the mud and wading through murky creeks does not appeal to me. I have had my share of mud with a couple of triathlons a few years ago. The swim part of the race resulted in an eerie resemblance of The Swamp Thing, crawling out of Buckeye Lake on a hot summer day.

Now, being dusted with color is another thing altogether. I love color. (It is no mistake that we named the company OrangeBoy.) As a child, I could sit down with a coloring book and box of Crayola Crayons for hours. (An opportunity to color with my six-year-old niece recently reminded me just how much I still love it.)

As an adult, paint replaced the crayons of my youth. Not a single wall in my home has been left untouched. Every home I have lived in has seen a kaleidoscope of colors based on my whims and tastes at the time. Come to think of it, there were also few floors and furniture that escaped my paintbrush.

The colors bled from my personal life to my professional life when we had the opportunity to design and decorate our Columbus office four years ago. Let’s just say it’s a happy place to work, and we live our motto “Think in Color” every day.

The Color Run is someone’s vision to add new flavor to the myriad of racing events, giving it its distinctive flair. Isn’t that what we all seek to do with our organizations? That is, find a way to make it stand out and set them apart from others. I think it’s brilliant and demonstrates that innovation is everywhere—you just have to view things differently from time to time.

Next time you are faced with a problem that seems insurmountable, try a few mash-ups of your own. You might be surprised and find yourself awash with a colorful solution.

©OrangeBoy, Inc. 2012


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